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        Chen Tian Xiang, Chen Ru Feng and Zen Cheng Chen Tian Xiang: After three years of continuing study and strenuous effort during high school, I had entered the (Gawcow) examination room with a sense of assurance and confidence.   Because of diligent academic preparation, I achieved a score of 740, providing me with a number 16 within Zhejiang Province.  Although it may seem immodest, I knew I should have been admitted to Beijing University because I had worked hard.   My three years of high school at No. 14 had
        Liu Yi Hello everybody, I am Liu Yi.  I am the class monitor of Senior III, Class 10 . I have been very happy to live in the  class of this warm and harmonious family characterized by mutual caring and concern. I appreciate the genuineness of the warmth; in each teacher's dedication and care.  I felt both relaxed and happy in the class organization and the process of planning various activities as I studied at No. 14.  I also deeply appreciate the dedication for the collective
        Yao Dan  My name is Yao Dan.  Three years ago, I was honored to have been recommended for admission at No. 14.  I now have been selected for early admission to the Xi'an International Studies University  to study the French language.  I enjoy reading watching movies, travel and, love life.   I try not to take myself too seriously and occasionally laugh at myself.  My mind is clear as I face the challenges before me.  I am both terrified and excited to

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